Trey Songz opens up about his career, how with touring Chris Brown effected their relationship, and his desire to become a DAD [VIDEO]    


Chart topping “Slow Motion” singer, Trey Songz stopped by NYC’s “The Breakfast Club”‘to give DROP on his music career, friendship with Chris Brown, and STRONG desire to become a daddy…eventually.

While choppin it up with the morning show, Charlamagne The God, DJ Envy, and Angela Yee, congratulated the 30-year-old Virginia native for his latest single “Slow Motion,” becoming his fourth #1 single from his 2014 album “Trigga.”


The self-proclaimed “Mr. Steal Your girl” thanked his fans for helping him beat out Rihanna on the charts and SPILLED that his music is opening doors for a variety of business ventures, including his deal with SX Tequila.


Later on, Trey discussed touring with his “Dangerous,” collaborator Chris Brown and how they managed to maintain their homies status despite issues with money and canceled tour dates.


“We had a couple of things unplanned for, a couple of cancellations and like pushback,” Trigga SERVED. “But we were able to get through it without any complications, you know, we still friends. Cause touring and money and all that can get in the way of friendships. And business and blood don’t kinda mix sometimes. But it was a blessing. We were able to get through all that and still be successful and be friends. And you know, the possibility is actually there for more to happen again because it was in the fruitful thing.”


Following the tour talk, the “Anticipation,” crooner praised Breezy for being such a good daddy to his daughter, Royalty, and SPILLED that he too is eager to experience the joys of having a little one of his own…

“Man I want kids. I’ve been wanting children before like you could ever imagine,” he said.
Though Charlamage advised him to “take the condom off,” Trey Songz made it CLEAR he’s willing to wait until he finds the RIGHT woman to mother his seeds.




Later in the interview the singer talked about the many paternity cases he’s had filed against him, opened up about his dreams of pursuing an acting career, and shared his thoughts on the Charleston shooting.




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