Troy Ave “barely getting by” because he’s BANNED from touring



When the boys in blue unlocked your man Troy Ave’s jail cell in July following his arrest for his alleged involvement in the fatal Irving Plaza shooting, the rapper clearly had no clue he’d be entering a whole new world of confinement and strife…

Though out on $500,000 bail, the 30-year-old “Doo Doo” crooner–who is currently facing attempted murder charges stemming from the deadly May 25 shoot out which left him and several others wounded and ultimately claimed the life of his 33-year-old bodyguard, Ronald McPhatter–has been barred from performing and touring due to the strict terms of his release from jail…
With a rigid 11:00 PM curfew and a ban on doing his thing inside any lounges, nightclubs, or concerts, Troy’s lawyer, John Stella, says the Brooklyn native is financially “barely able to get by,” thanks to the many restrictions imposed on his ability to work via Judge Ronald Zweibel.
While choppin it up with DNAInfo, John explained that the “All About The Money,” microphone beast would normally gross somewhere between $6k-$10k per show… But has been forced to cancel “at least 50” performances since his May 26 arrest.
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 Troy Ave
Though Ave has yet to be SMACKED with any breach of contract lawsuits from concert promoters who paid him in advance to slay their respective stages, it is reportedly incumbent upon the emcee to reimburse the show organizer’s their COIN…
“Touring is what drives everything else, and it’s hard to release music if he can’t promote it with live performances,” John said of his cash-strapped client.
Troy, who used his mother’s Crown Heights residence as collateral towards his bail, is scheduled to appear in court on November 4; thus, he’ll have to wait a few more weeks before he can formally ask the judge to loosen the constraints prohibiting him from making money.

By : Asia Grace

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