Twinning: Beyonce & Jay-Z build pricey maternity ward in Hollywood rental for home delivery



There’s no place like home.

And when you live in a multi-million dollar mansion like the world’s most wealthy couple, Jay-Z and Beyonce, there’s really no reason to your perfectly pedicured toes should ever cross the property lines of your sprawling estate…not even when the time comes to pop out twin babies…


Word on the gated-community curb has it the 35-year-old super knocked-up “Superpower” songstress has turned up her masterfully contoured nose up at the thought of birthing her and HOVA’s incoming bundles of joy in a hospital room… and has opted, instead, for an opulently tricked-out home delivery inside their everything-but-humble Hollywood abode..
According to The Mail on Sunday, Beyonce and her 47-year-old Roc Nation ruling bae have installed a $1.2 million private maternity ward, complete with state-of-the-art medical equipment, into their pricey West Coast rental property…
The “Flawless” chanteuse’s freshly added home birthing suite, aptly described as “an entire professional neonatal wing,” has reportedly been furnished with “high-tech kits” over the last few days, suggesting her due day is fast approaching..


Beyonce home delivery
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A chatty patty neighbor of the ever-coined up Carters said, “It is all about privacy and safety. It’s not usual for someone expecting twins to have them at home, but Beyoncé has discussed it with her doctors,” to the publication of the poppin parents’ decision to non-traditionally welcome their matching womb raiders into the world..
“She’s in prime physical condition and they are setting up a professional maternity unit inside the house for the birth,” the slippery-lipped source continued. “There will also be an ambulance on standby to take her to Cedars-Sinai Hospital should she or the babies need hospital care.”
The “On The Run” billion-dollar boos are said to have opted for a home birth over a hospital delivery after receiving some negative publicity when Bey welcomed their now 5-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, in New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital, back in 2012.
“Of course, she has a team of medical staff advising her and, should her doctors say she needs to move to hospital, then that is what will happen,” the insider added.
No telling when Baddie Bey will actually drop her and Jay’s little honey-dipped mixtapes, but, like their mommy and daddy, their arrival will definitely be in style..
By : Asia Grace

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