Tyga’s legal team taps FBI for PENIS pic leak in Transsexual lover scandal

While his penis pics are flooding the Internet, Tyga and his legal team are getting the FBI in position to POUNCE on the person who leaked them in the Transexual love affair scandal.
Yesterday, texts between transgender actress Mia Isabella and the 25-year old “Make It Nasty” emcee were exposed all up and down social media…
According to TMZ, T-Raww and hisb legal team have notified the FBI about the dicktures which coincided with the claims the former Young Money rapper was creeping with Mia.

His attorney Lee Hutton says they got the FBI involved because they believe the pics were HACKED in effort to MALICIOUSLY SHAME Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend.
The Feds have reportedly obtained the email that was sent to multiple media outlets, including the blog that posted the story … and they’re tracing it in hopes of getting closer to the culprit.
TMZ spoke to Mia who claims to have had NOTHING to do with sending photos or text messages to the media. In fact, she’s willing to work with Tyga and the FBI to find the real suspect.

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