UN-SENT FOR Mediatakeout COMES FOR MUVA Beyonce

If you’re going to COME for MUVA, you’d better RUN FOR COVER. 

The two-year-old debate as to whether or not MUVA Beyonce carried Blue Ivy rages on. Who can forget when the 2011 scandal when Bey’s baby bump collapsed during an interview.

 Well now the JUICY celebrity news site Mediatakeout.com is rekindling the flames of those pretend pregnancy claims. 

They claim BEY let her proverbial “slip” or PROSTHETIC PREGNANT BELLY show, as it were. 

On Sept 20 Jay-Z and Beyzus released the HBO special: “ON THE RUN,” debuting their show to the less fortunate of the world who couldn’t afford concert tickets while they were touring. Towards the end the couple shows a montage of home videos leading up to, “the second coming” or more commonly referred to as Blue’s birth. There you see FAVA Jay rubbing MUVA’s PHONY looking preggy bump. 
Mediatakeout writes, “Well her belly button looks different – and the belly looks very “shiny”. We’re still NOT CONVINCED she gave birth to Blue. But we’re over it thought . . .”
MUVA and FAVA have been known to SHUT DOWN anyone who speaks ill of them and so far they have yet to address Mediatakeout for their speculation. BUT GIVE THEM SOME TIME. 
Whether Bey really carried Blue is DEF a dead issue at this point. 
HOWEVER everybody’s eye will be glued to MUVA’s tummy if talks of her being pregnant for the second time turn out to be true. 

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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