Vic Mensa says R. Kelly should be locked up; Petition to remove singer from Sony

“It’s time to throw away the key on this n***a,” rapper, Vic Mensa, demands in his digital drag of suspected sexual predator, R. Kelly.


In the wake of the 50-year-old Chicago native’s most recent scandal, in which he’s accused of psychologically manipulating a gaggle of girls into pledging their allegiance to his abusive sex-cult, Roc Nation’s “No Chill” crooner is openly damning his fellow hometown harmonizer for the his lifetime of heinous infractions.
“R. kelly is a f***ing dirty, gross, disgusting human being, and it’s officially time for his ass to get locked up. It’s time to throw away the key on this n***a, man,” Vic flatly asserts in an Instagram Live video.
The 24-year-old Chi-Town representative continues, “I can’t keep putting “Remix to Ignition” above all these young girl’s mental health and safety. You can’t keep doing that s***. R. Kelly [is] a legend, but his music sucks now. This n***a is just a molester. And he’s bald as f***.”
Vic Mensa R. Kelly
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Vic–who narrowly swerved serving jail time for a 2016 gun charge by copping a plea deal in the case, on Monday–though one of the first public figures to unabashedly scrutinize the “World’s Greatest” singer in light of his current controversy, joins the number of Kells detractors who want to see him face the consequences for his series of sexually related missteps…
This week, a petition, launched by Care 2 on The Petition Site, is seeking 20,000 signatures for Sony Music to discontinue the troubled vocalist’s representation on the label.
“R&B singer R. Kelly has preyed on teenage girls for the past 25 years,” the cyber protest reads. “It’s time our society stops his cycle of abuse. Join us in telling Sony to #DropRKelly for habitually preying on teenage girls for the past 25 years!”
R. Kelly’s alleged pattern of physical, psychological, and sexual manipulation against young women has been likened to “Stockholm Syndrome,” and “slavery” by purported victims of the abuse.

By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_           

Twitter: @Cheekywiki

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