Video surfaces in NFL baller Ray McDonald’s domestic violence case

All side pissed off eyes are undoubtedly on former NFL baller, Ray McDonald, as footage of the harrowing standoff between himself and his baby mama has surfaced amidst her domestic violence case against him. 
Today, video dropped of the 32-year-old ex-49ers player menacingly taunting the mother of his child as she clutches onto their 2-month-old baby boy for dear life at around 4:00 AM on May 25, 2015. 

In the terrifying four minute flick, obtained by TMZ Sports, Ray’s BM and his personal driver implore him to let her peacefully leave the house as he angrily blocks her attempts to walk away from the intense situation. 
“Let’s go. She will get ready and she’s being picked up. Please, Ray,” the defensive tackle’s driver is heard begging while his baby mama– who is recording the kerfuffle while simultaneously trying to escape and keep her infant baby safe– asks Ray over and over, “why are you doing this?”.


The footballer apparently manages to swerve his employee– who along with a dining room table acted as a barrier between Ray and his woman– and chases her as she runs into the bathroom for refuge… screaming at the top of her lungs. 


Ray McDonald

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Police arrived on the scene and prosecutors later charged the pro athlete with domestic violence and felony false imprisonment. 

After the grand jury watched the hair-raising footage, they DECLINED to indict Ray–who was cut from the roster of his new team, the Chicago Bears, following his arrest– and the charges against him were dropped. 
Back in 2014, the cops were reportedly called to the baller’s house over alleged domestic violence incidents multiple times.  

His baby mama’s lawyer claims her client is now working with teams on and to push the NFL to start a Domestic Violence Victim’s Fund to “to ensure that the victims and children of abusive players receive medical, counseling, and legal support paid by the league.”
So far, Ray McDonald has not commented on the release of his alleged domestic abuse against his BM. 
By : Asia Grace     

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