Waka Flocka ORDERS fighting fans to DEAD their beef with a HUG [VIDEO]  


Waka Flocka Flame was NOT here for fighting fans RUINIG his concert in Scottsdale, Arizona on Monday night….

Using the tried and true “Single Black Mom of two arguing kids” disciplinary  tactic, the 28-year-old ATL native ORDERED the feuding fans to SQUASH their beef with a hug. 


Waka fearlessly HOPPED into a crowd of his STANs when two rowdy audience members began BRAWLING in the middle of his set. 

Once the “Oh, Let’s Do It,” rhymer reached the BEEFIN brutes he made the guys hug each other in effort to defuse the rising tension between them.

“Hold up, mother f*****!” Waka SERVED. “Make ’em hug! Y’all two mother f**** hug! Hug n**** ! Hug, hug him!”
After the fighters embraced, the former “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” star said,“That’s what the f*** I’m talking about! Now, let’s party,” which prompted the crowd to cheer and jumping up and down.


If that’s any indication of how Waka, a 2016 Presidential candidate, might deal with warring countries if/when elected to office…

Hilary Clinton might be in trouble….


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