Wale says Meek Mill “brought a pencil to a gun fight” in Drake BEEF, talks gay rappers, Lamar Odom, and more [VIDEO]


“I honestly think he [Meek] bought a pencil to a gun fight,” is just one of the OMG statements Wale made during his interview in The Breakfast Club this morning. 


After playing the background for a minute, the “Pretty Girls” rapper rolled through the NYC based morning show where he gave drop on a variety of hot topics including Lamar Odom’s health, homosexuals in hip-hop, the Meek Mill and Drake BEEF, the #BlackLivesMatter campaign, and so much more.  



Peep some of the crazy sound bites from the 30-year-old Washington DC representative’s chat with Charlamage Tha God, Angela Yee, and DJ Envy below: 

On dating “Empire” starlet Serayah:“Naw, you ain’t seen no pictures. If I dated every girl that tweeted my song….Naw, that ain’t my girl. But we have some songs together.”

On being on “Empire”: “Naw, don’t put me anywhere near that. I honestly think that the show leaked that. The original story came from Entertainment Tonight. My black a** ain’t reach no Entertainment Tonight. And the original story was kind of promoting the show. ”
On the Meek Mill coming at Drake: “I haven’t talked to him. I called him several times since it happened. I don’t know what’s going on.”

On what he thought about the actual rap battle: “I honestly think he [Meek] bought a pencil to a gun fight. You can’t compete with somebody who has those types of relationships. It doesn’t matter what [Meek] made. He could have wrote Ether 3.0 and the opinions of the people would have been the boy from Canada waxed him. I don’t like how people trying to make Meek look like a punching bag. Why are y’all talking about this on ESPN? Why are y’all doing that?”


“It’s not a fair battle. Drake is nice, but Drake can say ‘I went to the bathroom, I had to pee’ and n*ggas would like ‘yooo he said he has to pee!’ One thing I do respect, Drake never called this dude the “B” word, he never said “F” you. It was one of the most respectful diss records.”

On if he and Meek are friends even after their little beef: “Yea, we cool, we friends. I’m not going to try and do what everybody else do. I see rappers try and fake turn they back on that man. I’m above all this industry stuff. I genuinely care about the dude.”

On if MMG was the unit it once was: “No! I ain’t going to lie to y’all. Y’all ain’t dumb, we just ain’t the unit we was. That don’t mean we ain’t cool. Everybody doing what they got to do.”

On if he thinks openly gay rappers can make it in the music industry: “Of course. If a dude was gay he would get a GRAMMY. What?! They’re going to make fun of him. But, in the next three years it’s going to be a dude who’s not even gay that’s going to be like this my last resort ‘Heeey! YASSSS!’ I would sign a gay rapper if he was dope. The point I’m trying to make is it’s an advantage to be gay in this country right now.”

On if there are gay rappers in the industry right now: “I don’t know. It’s 2015 all that homophobic stuff is corny. I’m uncomfortable with certain things because I never grew up around it. I’m uncomfortable with two old people kissing. I never seen affection. My parents didn’t kiss in front of me.”

On the #BlackLivesMatter movement:“One of the most fucked up things right now is the #BlackLivesMatter thing. It’s such a big statement and means so much, but I think people use that joint to be a rebel without a cause. People just use that joint to get riled up. It’s almost no way to enter that joint correctly without offending somebody. To elaborate, it’s like you’re anti-everything else. I’m the most afro-centric person and I actually stand for something. That #BlackLivesMatter, they was treading the waters of insulting me of my blackness. I just want black people to care about black people more. ”

On Raven-Symone’s discriminatory comments: “Come on shawty, you were the last hope for that TV show. What, you trying to get a rise out of these white folks? Trying to make them laugh? We’re not going to mention her never more. Raven-Symone with that ideology, do you think if you weren’t lucky enough to be on the ‘Cosby Show’ you would be struggling to get a job too? Raven-Symone is not the most discreet name. You’re looking down on your own people because of their name.”



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