Wale speaks to High School kids in Baltimore during riots 

In the wake of the Baltimore riots surrounding the murder of Freddie Gray, rapper Wale took to the city to speak to high school students about being positive leaders in a time of turmoil.
While choppin it up with teens from
Frederick Douglass High School, the 30-year-old Washington, DC based emcee, along with Reverend Jamal Bryant, emphasized the importance of togetherness in their community.


“Regardless of what’s happened out here, these are the young leaders of tomorrow and they have to look in the mirror and see something better than what they’re being perceived as on TV,” Wale said according to My Fox DC.

 “We need each other. We need our community leaders to come step forward and we need these kids to understand that somebody believes in them. I believe in them, Jamal believes in them and there’s a lot of people in this community that believe in these kids.” 


Later, while speaking to CNN the “Contemplate,” crooner said, “you know there’s a whole bunch of kids that come from low income environments. Some from lower middle-class some from regular middle-class, they just feel like black people as a whole have been the doormat of society and the doormat of America for so long. And that’s unfortunate.”

Though Wale is not the only celeb to contribute commentary on the many protests and riots in Baltimore, he is one of the only rappers to venture into the city and connect with its youth.
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