Wendy Williams reportedly pissed & “burst into tears” over Angie Martinez’s new show


Word on the daytime talk show curb has it “How U Doin” queen, Wendy Williams, wasn’t doing too well after learning her longtime media foe, Angie Martinez, will soon be getting her own early afternoon television program life…thanks to the producers of the Wendy Williams Show.


As if marinating in the messy juices of her husband’s alleged decade-long extramarital affair with a young massage therapist from New Jersey wasn’t bad enough, the 53-year-old TV/radio heavyweight is now contending with tea that her former HOT97/WBLS co-worker—with whom she once engaged in a physical altercation—will now be her competitor for talk show ratings…

Sources close to the P-shaped entertainment personality tell the DailyMail, executives from her production company, Debmar-Mercury, revealed their partnership with Angie’s forthcoming project to a crestfallen Wendy and her hubby/manager, Kevin Hunter, over lunch.

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“[Wendy] immediately burst into tears and screamed at the two executives, while her husband kept yelling, ‘this is some bulls***!’,” insiders revealed.

“Apparently, it was a dramatic blow up in the back of the restaurant. Lots of screaming, yelling and swearing. No matter how the TV execs explained that it was not a conflict of interest, Wendy and Kevin just weren’t hearing it,” the source added.

A distraught Wendy—who, according to Angie’s 2017 memoirs, “just stood there” as her Hip-Hop counterpart “lost her f***ing mind” and started “swinging at her” after the shock-jock openly called her then-boyfriend, Q-Tip, gay—reportedly kept saying to her team, “I can’t believe that b**** is getting a show with them. This is such a betrayal!”

Sources suspect Wendy’s out-of-pocket response to Angie’s good news has everything to do with residual frustrations surrounding her husband’s supposed infidelity.


On Monday, Wendy issued an apology to Nelly’s rape accuser for low key victim blaming the 21-year-old for agreeing to return to the rapper’s tour bus—where the alleged assault took place—for an after-party following an evening of drinking with him and his friends at a Washington club.

The TV vixen also tearfully unveiled her own experiences with sexual harassment from men throughout her childhood.


By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_

Twitter: @Cheekywiki

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