What’s a Tyga?: Kylie Jenner lets Travis Scott rub her thigh at Houston Rockets game


Unfortunately for Tyga, his slim-thick money tree has officially planted her coin-heavy lady roots into another rapper with more stain, more Goosebumps, and more individual braids.. 


On Tuesday, the “Faded” spitter’s surgically enchanted ex-bae, Kylie Jenner, attended the Houston Rockets vs. Oklahoma City Thunder game with her new rumored boo-thang, Travis Scott…

And while it’s fair to argue that two people can catch an NBA playoffs game without getting it poppin… According to pictures of poppin pair, obtained by TMZ, the “Antidote,” rhymer kept his hand on Kylizzle’s 19-year-old thigh as he watched his hometown Rockets move on to round two of the game series…


Kylie Jenner Travis Scott

Image via TMZ

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Travis’ flirty outing with Kim Kardashian’s baby sister comes just days after they were spotted holding hands at the Coachella music festival.   



No word on when/if young Kylie is planning on giving the Rodeo rapper a tour of her highly coveted birth canal, but it’s safe to assume that Tyga is somewhere stabbing a Travis Scott voodoo doll in the crotch. 

By : Asia Grace        

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_           

Twitter: @Cheekywiki                 

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