When A Savings Account Counts: C-Murder order to pay $1.1 million to slain teen’s family


Incarcerated “Down For My N***as” rapper, C-Murder, will soon be down $1.1 million thanks to a massive pay out he’s being forced to fork over to his murder victim’s family. 
On Wednesday, Jefferson Parish Judge Glenn Ansardi of the 24th Judicial District Court found the 46-year-old brother of No Limits Records founder, Master P, liable in a 2013 civil proceeding for the January 12, 2002 killing of 16-year-old Steve Thomas. 


C-Murder murder victim
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According to the New Orleans Advocate, C-Murder–who’s currently serving a life sentence in jail for shooting the teen during a brawl outside of the now-closed Platinum Club in Harvey, Louisiana– was ordered to pay $500,000 to each of Steve’s parents and $150,000 to account for the victim’s suffering.

The parents’ attorney, Trey Mustian, reportedly says the order is more of a vindication of their son than any potential monetary award..

So far, neither C-Murder nor any members from his camp have openly commented on the seriously large check the jailed rapper has been commanded to cut. 

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