Whitney Houston sexuality questioned in new film; Bobby Brown lost fights to Robyn Crawford 


Though world renown chanteuse, Whitney Houston, has been dead for over half a decade, curiosities concerning her muddled sexuality continue to resurface year after year..
Newly debuted documentary Whitney: Can I Be Me, which premiered at the TriBeCa Film Festival on Wednesday, reignites questions about the late 22 time American Music Award winning songstress’ suspiciously intimate relationship with her childhood homegirl, Robyn Crawford. 



According to People Magazine, the freshly released film features in-depth interviews and never before seen footage taken throughout Whitney’s tumultuous life–both on stage and behind the scenes–which suggest that the “Saving All My Love,” singer’s friendship with Rob-Rob was everything but platonic. 


“I don’t think she was gay, I think she was bisexual,” the legendary luminary’s longtime friend and stylist Ellin Lavar says in the film. “Robyn provided a safe place for her…in that Whitney found safety and solace.”

Whitney: Can I Be Me, reportedly details the loving bond between the multi-talented New Jersey native and her good girlfriend… And reveals how Whitney’s 15-year-long marriage to “My Prerogative” singer, Bobby Brown, ultimately lead to Robyn’s departure from her life..


Whitney Houston bisexual
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“Robyn and Whitney were like twins,” says Kevin Ammons, who worked security for the “When You Believe” boomer. “They were inseparable. They had a bond and Bobby Brown could never remove Robyn. He wanted to be the man in the relationship.” 



“Bobby Brown and Robyn Crawford were like fire and ice. They hated each other,” says David Roberts, Whitney’s former bodyguard, on whom The Bodyguard was loosely based. “They’d battle for her affections. Bobby and Robyn had some physical altercations and there were times where he wasn’t always the winner. But then Whitney would always come and pour oil over troubled waters.”


By the end of the 1999 My Love Is Your Love world tour, tensions between Robyn and Bobby caused the harmonizer’s loyal friend to bow out of her life–which according to friends, began Whitney’s undoing. 

“That was the downfall of of Whitney. Robyn was the person who was keeping her together,” Ellin Lavar recalls.
Following the documentary’s debut, masterminds behind the latest close-up look into the spectacular life and tragic death of the “I Will Always Love You,” singer admitted to receiving heavy legal pushback about the content of the film but did not disclose who all disapproved. 

Whitney: Can I Be Me is scheduled premiere on Showtime this August.


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