Who Fell???: Travis Scott claims he was flying when he fell through Drake’s stage


Though cameras caught Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight mastermind, Travis Scott, taking a messy spill during his cameo appearance on Drake’s Boy Meets World tour a few weeks back, the “Antidote” rapper is now squashing tea that he accidentally took a tumble and claims to have simply been flexing his avian-like skills.. 


While serving as the cover boy for the latest edition of British GQ Style magazine, the 24-year-old Texas native deaded mass presumptions that he busted his azzzzzzz in front of thousands of Hip-Hop heads on London’s O2 Arena stage back in February..

“I didn’t fall, dude, I flew. I was floating. I don’t fall. Sh**, nothing happened,”La Flame said of the accident. “Floating is amazing. It’s like getting in a plane. I just flew, man. I’m a magician, like David Blaine. I could never fall.”

 Travis Scott


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Travis then went on to salute the Champagne Papi– who refunded his concertgoers their coin after Trav “flew” into his large light-up globe… destroying the show’s center piece– for being a good sport about the whole thing..

“Drake is an amazing person. Also, a magician. He’s a big brother, super-talent, he’s cool,” the “Goosebumps” rhymer said. 


Later, Travis gave an honorable nod to his and Beyonce’s shared hometown of Houston… and said his city deserves a moment of acknowledgment for the massive impact he and the Queen Bey have made on the culture. 


“I feel like Houston is one of the leading things in music culture,” he asserted. “Everyone loves the Houston culture. It needs to have its own monument, its own moment for artists like me, artists like Beyoncé who set it off. Beyoncé is like the highest level. We all reach for that level.”
By : Asia Grace       

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_          

Twitter: @Cheekywiki               


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