Why Did I get Married star Tasha Smith accused of being a LESBIAN?

“For Better is Worse,” star Tasha Smith is in THE WORSE part of her MESSY split from husband Keith Douglas with him accusing her of being a LESBIAN. 

“Tasha is claiming hubby Keith Douglas flies into jealous rages, calling her a “f***ing d**e” and accusing her of sleeping with other women.”

The couple made headlines earlier this month when Keith claimed Tasha was a RAGING ALCOHOLIC who threatened to KILL HIM in front of his children. 
Keith got a restraining order commanding, the “Why Did I Get Married,” actress stay several yards away from him IN HER OWN HOUSE. 

Now Tasha TOOK THE MIC and is claiming KEITH is the one who may SNAP and OFF HER. 
 She SPILLS, “When he’s in a rage, I feel that he is capable of killing me,” according to TMZ. 

Nonetheless, Tash Tash is confident her RICH HOMIES got her back. 


Tisha Campbell, star of “Martin,” and “The Real Husbands of Hollywood,” says in a legal doc that she’s afraid Tasha will end up like Michael Jace‘s wife, who was shot and killed during a domestic dispute. 







listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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