Without A Clue: Stacey Dash calls Congresswoman Maxine Waters a “buffoon”



Clueless Donald Trump devotee, Stacey Dash, must have missed the moment in Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ acceptance speech during Black Girls Rock! 2017 when she proudly stated, “If you come for me, I’m coming for you,” as the former FOX News correspondent head-assly called BET’s Social Humanitarian award winner a “buffoon.”


For trolling black America’s favorite Trump-impeaching forever-auntie, the 50-year-old 90s actress turned the culture’s ashiest Benedict Arnold is being digitally waterboarded by social media slayers for her wanton digital disrespect…

“This how you spin a corrupt media buffoon sucking up her late in life 15 minutes of fame,” Stacey said Thursday morning in a tweet accompanied by an article praising Congresswoman Waters for her empowering and impassioned Black Girls Rock address.

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“I know that if it was not for the love and respect shown to me by black women, those right wing, ultra conservative, alt-right haters would have me believe I’m too black, I’m too confrontational, I’m too tough and I’m too disrespectful to them but I know I am simply a strong black woman,” Waters said after being presented with her award during BET’s annual celebration of African American female majesty.

“We have power, we have influence, we can do things that others have told us we can’t do,” she added, before warning her detractors, “If you come for me, I’m coming for you.”

“Whether it’s the president of the United States of America or any of his cabinet members, we will say to them, ‘we will resist you,’” the celebrated “ReclaimingMyTime” originator continued. “We will not allow you to damage this country in the way you’re doing[…] We will not allow you to take us backwards,” she added. “Not only will we resist you, we will impeach you!”


In light of Stacey’s unbecoming and unasked for response to Congresswoman Waters’ moving words, Twitter shooters are busy popping off with online amo aimed at at the fallen star’s temples…



By : Asia Grace
Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_
Twitter: @Cheekywiki

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