Wiz Khalifa CITED for peeing in public 


Your man Wiz Khalifa is feeling the wrath of the penal system for whipping out his penis and taking a whiz in public….


The “See You Again,” rapper was cited by Pittsburgh police for urinating behind The Flats bar in Pittsburgh on Saturday at 2:30 am, according to law enforcement officials. 

 Wiz Khalifa CITED for peeing in public 

Apparently the 28-year-old rolled through his hometown to perform at the University of Pittsburgh’s Midnight Madness basketball season kickoff Friday night.
Wiz received his citation for public urination just hours before hopping on stage with Lil Wayne on Saturday. 

So far, the slim “Black and Yellow” emcee has not made any comments about pulling out his black you-know-what and releasing some yellow…


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