Ed Hartwell’s side chick allegedly planned to make Keshia Knight Pulliam miscarry



Meddling mistresses and messy miscarriage-inducing concoctions are some of the latest lumps of flaming hot sh** mucking up the already car wreck-like divorce between Keshia Knight Pullman and Ed Hartwell..
As if restraining orders, paternity tests, and custody disputes weren’t enough for the 36-year-old “Cosby Show” starring new mother to have to contend with, it’s seems a friend of her estranged ex-NFL balling hubby is now coming through with claims his side-piece attempted to locate a drug that would cause Keshia to lose her baby during pregnancy.  

In newly filed divorce docs, the girl who gave us our favorite ’80s sitcom baby sis, Rudy Huxtable, uses the testimony of Ed’s homegirl, Damia Ward-Heneley, who claims the former football player was dating a woman named Tonya Carroll while he was still married to Keshia. 


According to the legal papers, obtained by TMZ, Damia says Tonya found out Keshia was pregnant in June 2016, and was very upset because she wanted Ed to leave her–which is basically what he did by filing for divorce out of nowhere just a few months after they tied the knot…
Damia goes on to allege that Tonya told her “she wanted to get something that would cause someone to have a miscarriage.” 


In response to her out-of-left-field request, Damia reportedly shot down the side chick’s and told her and Ed to DEAD their adulterous affair.

 Keshia Knight Pulliam miscarriage

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Keshia also filed docs saying she’s doesn’t believe Ed is fit to care for their 2-month-old daughter, Ella Grace, because she’s witnessed him popping OxyContin. 
She says the ex-Atlanta Falcons player testified in a lawsuit with the NFL that he’s suffering severe physical and mental problems, and needs to take many drugs to cope….

Shorty wants a court-appointed guardian to evaluate his parental fitness.

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