Wu-Tang Clan DROPS new music VIA portable speaker


In an attempt to make music tangible, WU-Tang Clan is GIVING fans a Black Friday special.
The rap group’s new album, “A Better Tomorrow,” will be released l on BLACK FRIDAY Nov. 28.
You’re probably thinking, “All the more reason to camp outside of Walmart with a belly full of Turkey and Mee-maws Mac and Cheese.”
BUT, true to the group’s unique style, they are DROPPING their 2014 music a little differently.


RZA revealed that the album would be released AND a LIMITED EDITION Boombotix portable speaker would be released with five album tracks and three bonus ones.
Only 3,000 will be made.
“I had the idea pop up into my head, for a while, about music being kind of disconnected to us. Of being so digitized and accessible, but yet not tangible,” SPILLED RZA when discussing his motivation behin then portable speaker. “But this thing here, a tangible item, like your old Walkman or your old cassette, or your old record, that’s what this is bringing back.”
The speaker’s tracklist is AS FOLLOWS.
01 Ruckus in B Minor
02 Ron O’Neal
03 Mistaken Identity
04 Keep Watch
05 Never Let Go
06 Mistaken Identity (Instrumental)
07 Never Let Go (Instrumental)
08 Big Horn [Exclusive]

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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